Have you had the experience of telling a particularly memorable or interesting story to people, and their response was “you should record that?” 

Have you ever told a story to a member of the younger generation — perhaps a grandchild or nephew — and their response was “I can’t believe that happened”? 

Each of us has a wealth of history and memories.  We can help you record those thoughts and stories.  We can meet with you to organize your thoughts, then record them as audios.

We listen to you . . .

…but we also ask you questions and help to focus the memories you want to record.  Sometimes, just thinking about recording the story of your life’s adventures can be daunting.  Our trained and attentive people/volunteers can help you focus your story and make the process fun and rewarding.  When the recording is complete, we hear from many people about what a personal accomplishment it is.


…if that’s the place you choose to meet for the recording process.  It’s best to meet in a quiet environment, with few distractions.  We realize that is not always possible, especially if the recording occurs in an assisted living facility or convalescent hospital.  We try to make it work, wherever the recording takes place.  It’s most important that you are comfortable during the recording.