The recordings

When the interviews are complete, we will edit each of the recorded chapters.  During this process we will remove background noises (phone ringing, dogs barking, coughing) and rearrange the material as needed for continuity.

When all chapters have been edited, they will be available online to you and your family for download in the MP3 format.  This is YOUR story. You and your family may make as many copies of the chapter recordings as you wish. It is secure and will be available to you for a period of two months.

We never charge for our interviewing and editing services or accept donations. Access to the online chapters is free.

In addition to an online recording, you can also receive your story on a USB flash drive in a protective case. The flash drive and case come in a fabric envelope with a photo of your choice and chapter titles listed in a booklet. For this option we charge $10 to cover the cost of materials.

If you are not comfortable with computers, we will be happy to speak to a family member who is, so that we can determine what is the best delivery method for you and your family.